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Beginners Guide to Bass Fishing


Getting Started

by Jason LaBossiere


Choosing a Reel

Choosing a reel type should be one of the first things you should do because this decision will affect the type of rod you will need. If the set up is for a child I would suggest a push button reel. For an adult I recommend a spinning reel to start with, it can be used will all types of lures and can be used catch any freshwater fish. A bait casting reel is more advanced and used mainly for lures that use a fast retrieve to cover a large area of water. They are widely used in tournaments where everything is under the clock and fished fast.


Choosing a Rod

Choosing a rod depends on the reel because the handles are different for both reel types. The material of the handle is your personal choice as long as it fits the reel. I personally like the feel of cork a handle and that is all I use. The rest of the decisions on what rod to buy can be confusing depending on the type of fish you are trying to catch and the lure you will be using and the lures size and weight. We are talking about bass fishing only on this page so keep that in mind. I own many different setups, but I have one rod and reel setup that I have owned for many years and have caught many different sized bass as well as perch, pickerel, crappie, and sunfish. So if I know I'm going to be near a lake and I might want to fish I'll bring this set up because it's versatile. I have included information on rods, reels, line and lures to help you get started and enjoy being outdoors and fishing.


Tips for Beginner Bass Fishermen

By Donovan Welsh Bass Resource


Where To Fish First

When one learns to swim, you never jump into the deep end of the pool; you start out in the shallows and make your way into deeper water. I used this principle and started in small ponds and not big Lakes. You catch smaller fish generally but it is the perfect practice ground and will provide you experience with these fish.


Where To Find Fish

This was the first question I asked myself, but I was not completely alone. My brother had some bass experience in South Africa and he gave me a couple of ideas. The best way to look at it is that bass always play hide and seek. You have to look for them, and when you find them you will catch them. Obvious places are boat docks, structures and any obstacles in the water. Bass love to hide in these places so try there first. If you are not successful, then look for areas where the water or the plants change. Where rocks become sand or weeds become hydrilla is a good place. If this fails then try anywhere. I have landed a couple of fish just trying in any area. Fishing is part luck so let luck give you a chance. Picture yourself as a fish and ask the question, where would I hide and this will give you great success. I don't believe that any fisherman can say exactly where the bass are so try and try and you will catch.

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